The light of your darkness. by immugraah
Q: Hi im vegetarian not vegan so will the recipes you post with milk substitutes still work if I put normal milk in there? Thanks ^_^


No. Do not ever use dairy milk in place of vegan milk. It would be incredibly gross and the biggest mistake you’d ever made.

-asked by Anônimo

bun bun

Saved another cutie from the wet pavement yesterday. I just love bees. Look at those little legs.
Q: hiiiii you've inspired me to lose weight and maybe get head shots maybe try modeling???? I've always dreamed to be a model but I never thought it could happen because I'm over weight! but I'm gonna start working out harder and toning my body more and (I think I might have a good face for modeling(?) but well see!!! thanks for inspiring


Don’t lose weight to be a model. Its literally physically impossible for most people to fit the measurements of an industry standard model with their heights. They are very very very very thin women with small bone structures. I literally could never be as thin as them even if I lost all the fat on my body bc my body is not built that way. I work with what I got.. I have the measurements of a plus size model and get a lot of work regardless!

-asked by Anônimo

Apparently we are running the livestock industry out of business. This just isn’t good enough, those poor people I bet they’re truly suffering.
Just remember animals don’t actually feel pain, God put them here for us to eat, protein, bacon, water, there’s not even enough room to grow all these vegetables, calcium and obviously plants feel pain as well so why pick a side?